Fulton & Third Traffic Light

Since everyone has been weighing in on the traffic light being fixed or not I thought it would be time to do a podunkianesque poll. One fact to consider is those pedestrians who won’t obey the signal light regardless. :smile:

LOL, well pedestrians for the most part seem to disregard most rules of the road, traffic lights or not. The crosswalk dash and darting between cars on 2nd west even where there aren’t crosswalks are always something to be wary of when driving along the road.

Quite correct. LOL! I’ve even seen an RCMP member hop out of his cruiser and do the run from the opposite side of the street.

Only 17 votes? I thought HTMFers were more opinionated than that. :smile:

I only voted for the fix it option, because, I think there should be pedestrian controls or the timing of the lights need to be adjusted while they are at it.

I think it’s faster to get through now as a four-way than before. I also think that because there wasn’t a pedestrian button before that it’s easier to cross now on foot with a lot less waiting time. And, because you simply take turns going through, there’s no reason why there should be restrictions on turning left at certain hours anymore which makes the intersection easier to use; I used to have to go around a couple blocks to ensure I was allowed to go up the hill.
Way more gooder now.

That intersection has always been a bottleneck for the area especially in the morning when there is no traffic. it is because the lights there are solely based on timer whereas all the other light controlled intersections have magnetic vehicle sensors in the ground. i would suggest that perhaps they set it up from say 8 pm to 9am as 4 way stop and then back to regular settings during the day