FTP Permissions

I setup a Fedora machine and want ppl to ftp files to their folders.
All the permissions seem to be right, there are two groups and Group A should access folders 1 and 2, Group B only folder 2. If you su to any individual user everything works right. Group B can’t touch a file into folder 1, only 2. Group A can touch files to any folder.
FTP is enabled, port 21 open.
Everyone reaches the proper folder when you ftp from another computer, but no one can upload a file.
WTF did I miss? Brain seizure here.

Write permissions?

Can they download with ftp? 

Everyone can download. Folder permissions are 775

What’s the error message?  Check the log?

I will check the server log tomorrow. I forgot to put it on an IP you can hit from outside.
Was wondering if there was a step I missed like adding group ftp or something (tried that too).

Weird I just did one last week w no problems, but it all setup properly by defaults. It wasn’t till I started mucking with the groups that I messed something up. Even set a user ‘test’, set home dir to /var/ftp/pub/test and chown test:test test and he can’t upload. i messed something up and went braindead.

click: i bet it’s permission/owner setting of /pub folder. !!! Maybe I altered that. I have to make a note to look tomorrow

It was the firewall settings. Now up and running.
Then the fun part, go to show the customer how to use it and they don’t even know how to drag and drop.
Next person who gives me a machine and says “Fix this. It’s NEVER worked properly” I shall begin by pulling out my cordless drill and letting the ‘stupidity spirits’ out of their skull.

LOL :smiley:  Good one:-)