Frozen Mammoth Baby

I wonder how Stockwell Day and the rest of the fundamentalists can rationalize a death that happened 34,000 years before life began on planet Earth.

Shouldn’t be hard  considering many come from a province with such progressive educational policies as this… … chers.html

Was he not the guy in Spandex and the seado? or whatever they call those things.

Jesus planted the body to test our faith, remember?

Didnt realize mamoths had a date of death time on them.

What was the name of the Movie about a court case challenging evolution???

There was this one

This one

This one

Or then this one

Creationism is a new idea… most Christians are perfectly fine with the evolutionary theory and the fact that the Earth and it’s inhabitants are very old. Creationism and intelligent design has only popped up in the last hundred years or so, and really only out of North America.

Oh boy. This thread is going to go well.

No no, I’m just saying it’s only hardcore fundamentalist that subscribe to the notion that the Earth is only a few thousand years old and that God put fossils and bones here to provide an illusion of time.

What about the scientists like Galileo who was threatened by the Church for suggesting the Earth revolved around the Sun.
Small minds didn’t just crawl out of the woodwork 100 years ago. 

I thought I was clear, but I was speaking specifically about creationism, which is the same idea you alluded to in your first post.

I think you have that backwards.

To say that Creationism is a new idea isn’t accurate at all.  It was the ‘default’ view until Darwin & modern biology.

I’m not sure why you think that Creationism and Intelligent design only “popped up” outside of North America.  You’ll find that North Americans probably believe in Creationism more than people in Western Europe, for example.

Didn’t say outside, said out of… as in coming from. We agree on that point.

Watch this video just up to 1:16… you can go on obviously, but talk about new age creationism right away. The two talking are the Bishop Harries of Oxford, and Richard Dawkins. I think it’s safe to say these two know a lot more about this than you or I.

So if you were to go back in time before Darwin, and ask an average person about evolution, what do you suppose their response would be?

Creationism as an articulated and organized response to Darwin is obviously post-Darwin, but to say that Creationism only popped up in the last hundred years or so is just wrong.  It’s been around since… well, since the Bible was written.

Ok, I listened to the video, and he agrees with me.  He says that by 1870 or so, many started to accept Evolution.  But what did they believe in before then?  In fact, if you listen to the very next bit of the video, Harries even says that until the Reformation, the Church itself took a very literalist view of the scriptures.

Sorry, but Creationism isn’t 100 years old.

You’re right, before evolution they did take a literal view of the Bible. For some reason I thought I had said ‘new age Creationism’ originally, specifically referring to the Creationism that has popped up within the last several decades out of North America… like the lovely Phelps family at the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas.

You don’t have to go as far as Kansas to find creationists or subscribers to other wacky religous theories, take a drive around town next Sunday or Sarurday for that matter.

I was being silly…

Someone should do their paper on how the “Death of Science” corresponds to the “Fall of Communism”. They were the atheists who worshipped science, we had the guy with the beard and robes on our side. Christianity beat the commies.
If you stated publicly that you didn’t believe in evolution between the years of 1945-1985 you would NEVER have been elected to public office.
Believing in angels outside of a church 1945-1960 you’d get a couple thousand volts thru the skull.
Your Granpa may not have been an engineer, but he most likely knew how radio, electricity, radar, internal combustion engines, jets and rockets worked.
Your Dad probably knows how a computer works, but may not know Facebook.
Nowadays most people think the thing you’re posting on runs by pure magic, or Jesus, and they’re being taught how to buy and use what Microsoft sells.
No one would even want a chemistry set unless they Al Qaeda.

This NOVA program offers a great look at the question: