Fromage 1.01

Ski Queen Gjetost Cheese

Manufactured in Norway, it is likely that you’ll have a difficult understanding this cheese. Sure, cheese is cheese, and they learn to speak English at a young age, but it is just not the same.

Made from Whey and Goat+Cow milk, this cheese is more Brown than any non-Brown cheese on the market. In fact, guests in your home may mistake it for a brick of caramel.

It is slightly sour in flavour and, as you roll a slice around on your pallet, you will notice the distinct taste of Throw-up. Tasted alone, this cheese is enough to provoke thoughts of hanging one’s self and leaving all of your possessions to the Government. However, with the correct masking agents, it gladly takes back seat to any other flavours found in your sammich (Hummus works marvelously!).

On a scale from One to Ten, Ski Queen Gjetost Cheese receives: O.K.

Any chance of a 2nd date?: Only if on Sale… and even then, it’s not going to be first choice.

Ok, very good sale pitch, somehow you got me craving for a taste. acctually as I continue, it only gets more intense. Damm this OCD. Well are you happy now, I demand to know where I can get some as I like trying things that actually have real flavours rather than floor scrapings with a lot of spices. so send a post, i dare.

Gjetost is a departure from the normal rural selection of gourmet cheeses in these parts.
entire two aisle displays of different brands of mild, medium and marble cheddar. anything you want as long as it’s cheddar or ‘cheddar flavored product’…

Quickly,quickly master! I must have some, i must, imust have.
WHERE you get it. Tell, oh please, master, tell!