From have not to have

The province of Newfoundland and Labrador has a huge budget surplus coming from the effect of rising oil prices. 
It’s great news for the Rock but, in my opinion, it is another sign that we will not solve the global warming issue. 
I mean, how can you compete with making that much money?

Rising oil prices make it profitable to increase exploration of oil fields where exploitation might have been too expensive in the past.  I still wonder how this will be compatible with reducing emission to curb climate change. 

It makes me want to believe the people who deny the existence of global warming.  The alternative isn’t very promising.

The other side of this is that high energy prices make other alternative energy sources more feasible.

All of a sudden hydro, nuclear, solar and wind power become more attractive too. 

Thats good because its mostly speculation and bullshit, the scientists themselves say they are terrified to say anything against it, its become heresy to deny it despite evidence to the contrary, I stated once before the evidence shows CO2 level rises follow warming by 400 years, so it cant be the cause of the warming, it is a result of it but nobody wants to hear this type of “bullshit” even though it is fact. Anyone ever look into how much an active volcano puts out in a year, and how many are active? Ever hear of sun cycles? the sun is roaring these past few hundred years and has intensified considerably, but what could that have to do with it eh? The earth has had dramatic climate changes long before man ever existed, geological record proves this but this time its gotta be us? Bullshit! There’s been huge bucks for these liars in scaring the shit outta us all, telling us its our fault, that we must change the way we live, see any of those assholes downgrading their own consumption, no they take their tour of bullshit onto the road all fueled by oil but you and i should get used to walking. Myself I pray for the big rock to fall out of the sky and knock us back to the stone age so these clowns see what a real problem looks like. These guys telling us the warming is gonna end it all for us are the same guys telling us to prepare for an ice age only thirty years ago, their predictions failed miserably so they do a 180 and go the other way and we are supposed to just climb aboard no matter they contradict themselves continuously, this time they mean it and are right? forget the warming, have a look see wtf happens when the pole reversal happens, CO2 will seem like a bad joke as that happens, and its already begun, it doesnt just reverse, we lose it for a century at least and the surface is sterilized killing most everything, ya think its hot now just wait CO2 will seem like smal potatoes in the face of no magnetosphere. Humanity has much bigger threats than rising CO2, they just dont have any solutions for the real big threats so they stay silent and give us the CO2 babble as they feel its something they can address and better yet make a shitload of $$ from the fear its causing. Everything was supposed to collapse in 2000  due to the millenium bug, they made billions off that fiasco and the bullshit from these terror mongers just never ends, you wanna scare me give me double blind proof, not paranoid hypothesis by scientists wanting to maintain their research grants by causing global fear over something they have yet to even come close to understanding much less make accurate predictions about, the facts prove the theory wrong it should be abandoned like all incorrect hypothesis’s but it is also a fact scientists commonly refuse to do real science, they fall in love with their theory and pervert facts to make it correct, this is far more common than we would like to believe. I fell for the ice age bullshit as I was young and naive but I’ll take a pass on the CO2 b.s. and wait for the next doomsday theory, and I’ll keep praying for that rock, as it vaporizes us we can be glad we got rid of our combustion engines before it happened.

Well Chrisj, I don’t agree with youn about…


I’ve done this before!  It’s not worth my time anymore.

Just out of curiosity, when did the schools stop teaching paragraph structure?

Listening to the CBC radio today, it was funny that Newfoundland and Labrador becoming a “have” province was just a footnote. Apparently it was much more newsworthy that Ontario is becoming a have-not.

Wall of text. Could not and did not read.

Perhaps I’m just expressing my own concern about it.

Oh, you are a poet.

Do you like Star Trek?

The more expensive it becomes, the less you will use.
Alternatives get cost effective.
Royalty earnings mean less need to tax money from your wages.

Let’s hope the turbines are better than this: