Friend's lost doggie

Hey, my friend’s dog Jasper has run away from the place he was staying for a day or two on Sherbrooke St. He’s a yellow coloured shepherd cross wearing a harness. He may have headed in the direction of either the SPCA (his former home) or the waterfront (as his owners are from Oona River and he’s familiar with the ferry.) Please call 622-4168 if you have any info. Thanks!

I remember that puppy from the shelter !  So cute and I hope you find him soon.  I live on 11th. so will keep an eye out !  I would go in to Waynes Towing and let them know as there is usually someone out there working late and they could keep watch for him also.  Keep us posted OK?

i think someone that works at cowpacinos found a lost dog yesterday

the dog was found in the cow bay area

Good Luck, hopeit is the same dog down at the Cowpa’s.

Jasper took himself home again! So not the dog that was found in Cow Bay - hopefully he makes it home too.  Jasper just had to have himself a little adventure I guess.  Thanks all!

right on, dogs seem to know where the food and love is they usually come home if not scared farther away  … but defnatly sucks loosing a pet when they get curious and wander off, especially if teh spca picks them up and charges you $80  thats bullshit they should just give them back no ? asked knowing they have a hard time finding familys for all the dogs that have no homes sucks for tham to take the doags away from there home lol


It is The City of Prince Rupert who puts the dogs in jail. The SPCA is only the holding facility, I doubt they even get any money from the city either for the dogs who get picked up. Im glad to hear Jasper found his way home though.

If your dog is picked up by them, it costs, but the last time my friends dog was caught and brought to the SPCA by someone, it didn’t cost them to pick her up. Don’t know if it’s still the same.

Im glad to hear Jasper went back home!  :smiley:  He’s an awesome pup!

If an animal is picked up by the city the BCSPCA is not able to release the animal until the fines are paid at city hall, they receive a very small sum for daily boarding but only when the animal stays at least 24 hours. If an animal is picked up by the member of the public and brought in the BCSPCA will most likely charge for daily boarding depending on how long the animal stays there. They also charge a small sum if they have to vaccinate, deworm and de-flea the dog.
And good work to everyone thats working there right now, Ive heard there have been lots of changes there for the good and they have been doing a great job with their fundraising!

ahh my dog when i was a kid was picked up alot  stupid dog he would push you outta the way when you opened the door and run like the wind my new dog now is great though she doesnt leave my side thank god