It’s time to join friendface.

It’s a funny episode, almost as good as episode 4 – the Elders of the Internet!

LMAO…funny stuff man:-)  FYI, my 14 year-old loved this video…she said it is “messed up” :smile:

Get her the entire series.  The IT Crowd is hilarious.

Yeah, I need to get that series.:sunglasses:

Elders of the Internet was one of the best they’ve ever done.

Bahahaha - that was great!  My friends are always like “why don’t you like facebook, come on, join” - now I can say I don’t want icky face germs! - hahaha

Careful, someone might poke you.

I really liked the “real men” episode too, we’re still reciting the football quotes at work.  “Chelsea?  Are you havin’ a laugh?”