Fresh water fishing

Where is it ok to fresh water fish right now?  I don’t have a boat, wheres some good places.

At a lake or river…pick one…any one  :imp:

Lake Superior

I saw a few popular at Polymar on Saturday, I would assume that there are still Coho to be had there.

Billy if you check out the threads you start, which I hope you do, then go down to the tackle store on 3 street and get a fresh water guide and then look at which rivers and lakes are closed or open.
rainbow lake and a few other lakes are closed for fishing right now to let the salmon past to spawn.
Kloya river just out side of town is open for fishing, Steal head is catch and release only. and in fact there is dolly, :smiley:

Is the Kloya open? Last time I was out there they had posters up all over saying it was closed aug 1 to oct 31. Has that been lifted?

Those are impressive photos Astro.  Good work.

thank you
Cooking with Fire; very nice to hear that…

I hope to get better over the next few years… :smiley: