Do any of you guys use this Telus Freedom package? I’ve been inundated with Telus users and Freedom/SP2 issues…
Last week one guy bought 3 NICs, said Telus told him his NICs were blown out by their upgraded speed! Today he came in and bought a new mobo because they told him it was the mobo blowing all those NICs. And another woman just came in and replaced her mobo blaming it on Telus ADSL. (it really was fried).
Maybe I’ll sell them WinsockXPfix on a floppy for $10 after they’ve bought their 3rd NIC from now on…

No dude, we don’t have Telus here.

sorry, I brain farted. I even applied to CityTel when I left Telus…DOH.
But lots of people outside PR post here too…

i just use there basic ADSL 1.5 i beleave, my comp work just fine, and so does everyone else i know in PG that uses Telus.

Go Shaw

My ISP phoned last week telling me that my P2P software was improperly configured, becuase I had sent ~30GBs and recieved ~50GBs. They seemed suprised when I explained everything I had sent or recieved was completely intentional. I don’t think people around these parts file share…

I miss CityTel. Stuff comes and goes faster here, but CityTel doesn’t cry about bandwidth usage.

Yeah, Shaw is pretty good depending on where you live. In many Okanagan locations, Telus just stinks. Winfield included.

Your ISP pays for those gigs, that’s they called. People have this idea they get everything for free and figure it’s ok to run servers at home.
I just choked a guy who used 14 GB from Nov1-2. The entire sawmill (60+ stations) didn’t use that much in Oct.

Dude, who owns the sawmill there?

The big one’s Canfor… but someone is supposed to be buying it out and they haven’t made public who yet. Pope&Talbot is the rumour.
There’s also Apollo, Stuart Lake and a couple smaller mills.
Some hiring (tip of the day)

Michael Korenberg is a good friend of my family, he said somthing about buying/selling a mill there. I guess that’s it.