Freedom of speech for teachers:

Interesting poll in the Province site today:
Do you agree with an arbitrator’s ruling that allows public school teachers to badmouth the B.C. government during parent-teacher interviews?

So far 2/3 of people say ‘No’.

the “Wendy Syndrome”, some people never grow up. Still hate their teachers.
or is Nixon’s “Silent Majority” taking over becoming real?

When a parent asks “why are there 35 kids in this physics class, when last year there were only 28?”, the government wanted to gag the teacher. The teacher wasn’t allowed to say “this government took away class size limits from our contract.”

wow they still learn physics in Rupert. i think they dropped it here to concentrate on a 2 year prep for foodsafe and WHMIS tests…
bitter facetious bastard, aren’t I?