Free show at Lester Centre today!

Rupert Songs CD release today!! Live show at the Lester Centre from 4-6: free food, CDs for sale, artists signings from 6 - 10!!!

I was a good show.

There is some pretty incredible talent in Prince Rupert, if you havent heard it yet - pick up a CD!!!

I thought it was pretty good and they put on a nice spread also. Good Job  :smiley: I especially enjoyed Mermaid Cafe, Karen Young and Ray Leonard.  It was great to see Connie also. Hope she keeps up the good work, hell of a voice !!

It was a Good Show and Showing it seems, as far names go I can only remeber The Mermaid Ladies and The couple where he stole her bench. Then there was Connie, so nice to see her on a stage once again. I also would like to see her come back and pull it off with her voice.