Free Computer

******************************* REQUIRES A POWER SUPPLY UNIT *******************************

Free to take:
Pentium 3 Computer, with Assortment of RAM, 2x CDROM drives, 1x Floppy drive, 40GB Hard drive, Motherboard/CPU/CPUHS/F all included…

The only thing this computer needs is a PSU.
The computer can be used for an assortment of tasks, I have another Pentium 3 running Ubuntu on it smoothly.

Call @ 2506278530 for time to pick it up.

this thing would consume more power than my 1200watt microwave LMAO!! :smile:

LoL I would garbage it, but kinda a waste…could be used as for so many things

drop it off at data boy, give to them to give to customers.

************* ON HOLD *************

Someone might be coming by to get it…

Computer’s GONE!!! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<