Free CD Burning With Windows

Does anyone know of any free (free as in given freely, not taken freely) CD recording software that’ll run under Windows? Preferably something that can do both data and audio, and can handle CD images and stuff?

Dude i’ve probably got a dozen copies of Nero lying around

If using XP.

Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer do Audio/Data, but not images (ISO,NRG,BIN,etc).

You’ll find many here. I havn’t tried anythough. Disc Juggler is pretty good, but I’m not sure if it’s free or not. Un, Nero is obvious, but yeah you need a key eventually. Hell I probably have a few discs/keys too. Seems every burner comes with it these days.

I’ve been using WiMP for audio.

Check out Mike’s site at:

You might be able to find something of use there. Good luck.