FREE 4.5mth old GermanShep/Pitbull

It is with great regret that I have to give away my 4.5mth old German Shepherd/Pitbull. I currently own a 2.5 year old Chocolate Lab and assumed that a second dog would be fine. My landlord feels differently about it and the new puppy needs to go. Trust me, this is not my choice and it breaks my heart having to give him up. His name is Odin and he’s awesome. He’s house trained, crate trained, knows basic commands, dewormed, and has his first set of shots. The puppy is located in Terrace. I can be reached at (250)615-9316 to arrange a time to see him or just reply to this thread.

I’d suggest charging a small token payment of 50-100.00 just to weed out douche bags who just want him because he’s free and is part pitbull and might protect their couple ounces of weed they mix with parsley, roll and sell.

If you feel bad about charging maybe include a couple bags of food or something. Just a suggestion.

I agree about fee. I think there should be a donation to an animal shelter or spca. If a person is serious about a pet, they won’t have a problem. Stops impulse from taking dog because it’s free.

Don’t worry. I’m not just planning on giving him away to the first person to show up. He’ll be given to people who I believe will be the best owners for him.

Not worried, just a suggestion from previous experience. The yahoo’s we got when my mother in law had to get rid of her cane corso/rotti mix was unbelievable. We added a fee of 100.00 and it was like a whole new class of potential owner. Heres hoping your mutt ends up in a good home. I’d take him but my dogs kind of a dick towards other males.

Hello, is Odin still available ? if so we’d like alittle more info on him , nuetered? how is he for car rides , my gf and i like to go on hikes and camping , he seems like a perfect companion .