Freaky but fun

Two weeks ago, one year exactly since I got my iPod Touch as a birthday present, it accidentally went through a complete wash cycle, in a jacket pocket. I was very upset (naturally) and could only blame myself for not paying enough attention when my husband offered to do a load of laundry…

My son did some research and his online Apple friends suggested leaving the Touch in a bag of rice for 24 hours to dry out…we tried this for two days and then attempted a powerup but it wouldn’t go past the initial boot-up screen. WAH.

I replaced it last weekend and just for fun, left the drowned iPod in front of the little electric stove we got for the bedroom, making sure any moisture was baked out. Tried again to get it past boot-up, no results. Left it sitting on top of the fireplace, just didn’t have the heart to throw it out yet.

So tonight we’re sitting in the bedroom and Mr Saffron noticed that the drowned iPod is cycling through the initial boot screen and darkness, this after not being plugged in for a week or so…

Our son got a gleam in his eye when I told him about what it was doing, grabbed the poor thing and headed downstairs to his lair. He managed to get it up and running, it synched successfully and I’ve given it to my very thrilled daughter, who has been coveting one for a while.

We’re thinking of calling it Wall-e now, it just wouldn’t give up!!!

Cool. Hopefully I won’t do that with my ipod touch. :smile: Great to hear that your ipod came back to life! I’ve put my Kingston thumb drive through the wash a few times, thankfully it is still working.

Rice works ok, but the best thing to soak up moisture are those cat litter crystals. Not the sandy stuff, the crystal stuff. It is essentially the same stuff that they put in those anti-moisture bags. You know the ones, they say DO NOT EAT. Actually, if you can get a big bag of that stuff, it works too.

Looks like your battery was also shorted out, so when it did want to start up, it didn’t have a charge.

The battery is fine. We plugged it into a wall charger after 24 hrs in the rice and the case felt “tingly”, so I unplugged and gave it another 24 hours. Plugged it in and we got the start-up showing up, with some obvious water in the background. It kept cycling between black and the logo after a few hours of being plugged in, so that’s when I began warming in front of the electric stove a few times. Plugged it into the Mac laptop and it didn’t even register as a device. Last night when it began spontaneously flashing the start-up screen, my son realised the software was screwed, so he managed to reinstall it after getting the laptop to find the iPod when it couldn’t a week before.

It still wants to spontaneously wake up every once and a while and the speaker seems to be kaput (but earbuds work just fine) but aside from being really, REALLY clean, you’d never know it went for a 45 minute trip with my undies.