Fraser Institute's observations leave local teachers angry

“That tells people that, at Roosevelt elementary, however well -intentioned the teachers are, however dedicated they are, however hard -working they are and however much of their own money they put into the school’s resources, they have not been effective,” said Cowley.

“You can hide the people who aren’t effective and make the kids think they’re just doing well, or we can open it up to the public and encourage the people of Roosevelt Park that this is the way it is - now, how are we going to do better?” – The observations of the Fraser Institute’s Peter Cowley, quoted last month in a Kamloops Newspaper.

As we reviewed on the blog on Sunday, the Fraser Institute’s annual rankings were released over the weekend, culled from the results of the Foundation Skills Assessments for Grades four and sevens.

For the North Coast it showed a general decline in the results for the public schools, while the Independent school had a better result than last years numbers.

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