Four years later, the hurdles for children are greater

People need to keep in mind that in the last seven years, B. C. has gone from being the province with the fewest children living below the poverty line to the province with the most children living below the poverty line.-- A key fact from the details of a vulnerability study of BC Schoolchildren

That line in a Daily News story alone, should be sending alarm bells off in Victoria that there is much work yet to be done in this province, especially when it comes to those at the most risk in our society. Having a province such as this, with all its resource wealth and layers of bureaucracy, shouldn’t be in the position of having it’s children in such a troubled state as a recent report suggests.

A study of North Coast school children has shown that the risk of vulnerability for them has grown over the last four years. The Early Development Instrument, highlights the need for a more proactive approach from the province when it comes to those at risk.

The results of the most recent study make Prince Rupert the third most vulnerable community in the province, with only Haida Gwai and Gold Trail finding that their children are in a more precarious state as they begin their journey through education…

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