Four little kittens need homes

I have four sweet little kittens 7 weeks old that need homes. If interested email me at

oooh how adorable :smile:

pffffffff… bunch of posers!!! look at them!!!  must resist evil kitten tractor beam!!!  MINE!!! no!!!  …

enough of the cats . where is bob barker when you need him. too many in this town !!!

There are definitely far too many cats in this town and it’s been a problem for years! It’s unfair the stories and the things Ive seen done to cats out of hatred by overpopulation, spraying, etc. They are just doing what they know how to do, it’s not their fault they are f^@*ing like rabbits so to speak.

All I can hope for is they get good homes where their owners get them FIXED

Good Luck Oceanwild :smile: