Found a 2GB black Ipod Nano on third avenue by Cooks Jewellers.  Belongs to a female.  If you give me the name of the person that is on the Ipod and a serial number, I will have it safely returned to you.  However, my husband says there is a 30 day policy…if no one comes forward, he is claiming it  :smile:

You can either phone Tracy or Steve at 622-2477 or email us at

Your honesty is commendable, but, does this mean your husband, (Steve I assume) is counting down thirty days before he then explores his feminine side???  :smile:

I think the best thing to do would be to hand it over to the RCMP, and legitimately await the thirty day time period.  But it is great to have such honest people in Prince Rupert.  Cheers.

I am sure that is exactly what he meant, lol.  I will however take it to the RCMP I think.  I know if it was mine I would be freaking out!!  Thanks guys!

Post it in the lost and found in the Daily News. Dont donate it to a RCMP member by dropping it off at the cop shop.