Found Lost Dog by Ocean Cannery

Found this dog in front of Ocean Cannery sitting in the middle of the road.

Anyone know who this dog belongs too?

It looks like the dog of a friend of mine, but they’re out of town with the dog, can’t be him.

Answers to anything - Real happy little dog!

Well, any dog will answer to anything if your voice is at the right pitch. You could call it idiot and it would come. Their little dog’s name is Keno. I doubt it’s him though, he’s pretty scared of people if I remember correctly.

Well you asked if its name was Keno, called it Keno and you would of assumed that was its name.
Hopefully someone knows who this dog belongs too.

He’s a cutie…hope you find the owner. 

Looks like a little yapper.

Have you called the SPCA as he might have an ID chip or tattoo.?  He sure is cute, great of you to take him in!

Not yappy at all just very active - gets along with my dog and hasn’t stopped playing since she’s been here.

I thought SPCA was closed today?
PJ’s and police station has my number if anyones looking for her.

The SPCA is open  Wed. thru Sunday from 1-5 PM .  Glad she is having such a great tme with her new buddies  :smiley:

:astonished:  SPCA not open Mondays!? I like the dog and all but I can’t keep it past then - my house will be trashed with the two.

They are open today if you can take her in after 1PM or you can leave a message and they will get back to you but as Monday is too long for you to have her, today would be your best bet !

Thanks so much! I read it as Saturday being the last day open not Sunday.  I will definitely be giving them a call today.

i hope he finds his home. He really does look like my friends dog. I should message them on facebook and find out if Keno is actually with them…

Dog is now at the SPCA. After four days if no one claims it will be up for adoption.