Found Dog

If you have lost a little Black and Tan Dog in the 9th ave west area or i guess any where in Prince Rupert.
Call 250 624 5670 give discripition and tag #.

If wearing a city tag, call City Hall, they should be able to give you owner’s contact number

yes i phoned them this morning and was told i would have to talk to the by law officer , so waiting for him/her to give me a call. i also called the vet and tried the SPCA also. Thank you

I can’t believe it, no body in Rupert is missing this sweet little dog, or know some one that is . :frowning:


Sorry don’t know how to post a picture, but it is a min pin .
so if you know the owner that would be great , the bylaw officer never did call back and the darn spca is not open till thurs but i left a message there to with no call back.
Thank you

Just wanted to thank everyone and let you know the owners of the little dog were found, so he is home where he belongs.