Found Dog

Hello Everyone

I found a dog downtown today that had no leach but had on a collar. She was very dirty and hungry. She is now all cleaned up and well fed. I would love for her to get back to her rightful owners as she is a very cuddly.

If you know who she belongs to please get them to call me @ 622-2535

Thank you

Found this dog downtown today. Call 6222535 if you know who the owner is. If no one claims her bylaw will be picking her up Friday afternoon.

This was posted on this afternoon. No photo but maybe??


Description Lost Thursday Mar 31 ~ “Sophie” ~ 6 month old Maltese Cross, recently spayed, needs medication. Missing from 400 block 4th Avenue West. Reward

Crossing my fingers the owner is found and special thanks to you for taking care of this pup.

I will try calling in the morning

Thank you for caring for this cutie ! If you found the one who has been spayed, she would have a tattoo inside her ear as Dr.Kennedy tattoos his patients. Good Luck and keep us posted !!

Sophie has gone home to her loving family this morning :smile:

nice… good of you newuser to take her in… you get points for that… :smile:

Always nice to hear animal stories with happy endings. I belong to a Mexican forum as well and it often posts for lost animals and it works, people really do work hard to try and find the rightful owners and rescue abandoned dogs. High five to newuser for saving this pooch! I hope she has a good home.