Forum Games

I like forum games like the aerial picture one ( Where is this?)

So far, in these pages there’s been:


and Which flopped!

and Which was quite funny.

and my favorite ( besides “where is this?”):

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Edit: I just did!

My favourites have been the arial photo game, the what happened to… game, and the “You know you’re in Rupert when…” I think the Rupert one tapered off because we were just going in the same circles over and over again.

Lets see what else we could do…

  • Name that tune… a couple lines of a song, people get to guess it, then name another when they guess correctly. (no cheating!)
  • Movie lines… same deal as name that tune, just with movie lines.

Saw these on other boards:

  1. Stupid questions about Canada… for Canadians. It is easy just type a stupid question someone that doesn’t know a whole lot about Canada would ask about Canada. And then someone else answers EXAMPLE:
    Q: Will i be able to see a polar bear in the streets in Canada?
    A: Of course. Polar Bears are a large part of Canadian culture. Though they aren’t as friendly as the Coca-Cola mascots.
  2. Brain Teasers. Someone posts a teaser and we have to guess it. The person who guesses the teaser will post another one or pass it to another.
  3. Photo captions. We’ve all done this before. Post whatever comes to mind.
  4. What’s going on in this photo? Same kinda deal, we just describe the situation in the photo.
  5. Before and After. Someone You might recognise this from Wheel of Forture puzzles. But it’s a little different in this case. Someone says a two-part word, and you then make it into a new word with the last half. Example: Beanie Baby…Baby Step… step stool… stool pigeon… etc.
  6. Stupid questions and answers. Person A asks stupid question, Person B answers stupid question, and then asks a stupid question of their own. EXAMPLE: Why do we yawn in commiseration when someone else yawns? To examine the quality of the other’s dental work.

There’s tons more I found… but some of these could be a good start.