Fort McMurray Wildfire

What a crazy day!

We made it safely to Wandering River. Our house is still standing, while some in my neighbourhood are gone.


I have a crazy dashcam video too. Will upload it when I get a chance.


glad you and your family are safe Miguel… all the best to you and yours, my friend…

Frightening! Very happy you and your family are safe, Miguel! :smiley:

My dash cam video:

From The Northern View: Former Rupert residents escape Fort McMurray wildfire

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Well it’s two weeks later. Still living in a “temporary” camp until we know if we can go back soon or not. If we hear officially that we aren’t going back for weeks or months, then we will leave Alberta.

Meanwhile, we have our fingers crossed we can go back to our house soon.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, buddy! I hope this resolves itself positively for your family soon, MiG.

It’s almost normal here. Lots of families and kids. The local school board is bussing kids from the camp to school, so at least they’re occupied.

I’m supposed to go to Fort McMurray for a couple of days to help with some network stuff.

But still waiting for official word that the school year will be scrapped. If we hear that, then we will be off to Europe for a couple of months. We had planned to go in July (and have had tickets for months now), but will leave immediately if we know I won’t be called back to work until August or September :slight_smile: Will be cheaper to stay with relatives than to go rent a place in Edmonton or Calgary.