Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is harshly criticized in this inquiry

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is harshly criticized in this inquiry.

Comission of Inquiry

If I can have the money, I’d take the criticism too !!
That bugger should be charge like the criminal he is … :angry: :angry:

Well according to Reader’s Digest, Brian Mulroney ranked 48th in this year’s poll of the most trustworthy Canadian.

Then I read the fine print.  1200 Canadians were given pictures of 50 prominent Canadians and asked who they trusted.  So Mulroney scored 48 out of 50.  Beating Conrad Black who tied with Alice Munroe for last.  Poor Alice.  Who can trust a person who tells stories all the time. 

Another storyteller, Stuart Maclean, ranked 47th.  But Robert Munsch managed to get a respectable 18th.

The real storytellers Stephen Harper (8th!!), Justin Trudeau (26), Elizabeth May (28), Jack Layton (29), and Michael Ignatieff (42).

Pointless poll. 

What might be more significant was the poll of professions we trust most.  Firefighters topped the list.  Politicians ranked 39th beating out only car salespeople and telemarketers.

It’s not pointless–you just don’t like that Harper won. This is bonafide proof that the Canadian people trust Mr Harper 21 people more than Jack Layton, and 34 people more than Ignatieff. That means we trust Harper 55 people more than a coalition between the two. I know it hurts to hear, but that’s political science for you…

This is bonafide proof that the Canadian people trust Mr Harper …[/quote]

If you accept this as bonafide proof … I have a bridge and some prime land in florida that will be of considerable interest to you …


[quote]OTTAWA — Brian Mulroney owes Canadian taxpayers millions of dollars after an inquiry found the former prime minister hid the truth during his 1990s libel suit against the government, say opposition critics.

Mulroney should simply do the right thing and return at least $2.1 million he won in damages in a 1997 settlement, plus another $1.6 million in legal costs, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and NDP Leader Jack Layton both said Tuesday.

But in case his conscience fails him, all three opposition parties agree Mulroney should face a legal pursuit by Stephen Harper’s Conservative government. [/quote]

Mulroney owes taxpayers after inquiry: opposition

In my opinion I think the former PM is dishonest.

Reader’s Digest exists for Harper supporters.

Heh-heh.  QFT.  :sunglasses:

Polls are great and easy and unreliable and highly suspect in terms of quantifiable statistical data.

Most are meaningless but we love 'em.

Care to start a poll here?

Any politician who takes cash and then waits three years to declare it months before an inquiry is either dishonest or stupid. I doubt Mulroney is stupid.

The former PM is many things, but, stupid isn’t one of them.  I hope he does the right thing and gives the money back to us (the tax payers).

But that would be tantamount to an admission of guilt. Won’t ever happen unless he’s compelled.