For those of you who have children

Hallowe’en is coming up, and for some parents, the thought of our little ones eating all that candy sort of worries us…

So, some clever people came up with a story about the Hallowe’en fairy.  And even more clever people came up with a book. … EFlash.swf

That is a link to the book online.

I showed this to my 3 year old, and she was convinced right away that she wanted a special toy instead of candy.

Oops, this probably should have been in “links”…

my parents gave us a bit of candy every day after Halloween, that way we never got to much and it lasted a few weeks after.
I do things differently I say hell with it and let the kid eat everything all up in a few days… better for the teeth. they get sick of candy faster and then its done…

quick and easy… :imp:

I used to follow Astro’s method. Pig out! Get it over.
Then chuckle as they won’t even look at candy for a couple weeks.

And all the black jelly hats and the pumpkin flavored candies were “Daddy GST” for driving the mob of them around. Halloween in the Rural Districts isn’t too carbon friendly.

My kids are pretty young though…  Once they’re a little older, it’ll be better for them to pig out.  I gave my 3 year old a choice though, and she has chosen to exchange the candy for the toy.  My younger one won’t know the difference.

Parents are too paranoid these days IMHO. Think about it, your parents went through a hell of alot more than your kids ever will, and they’re alive to tell the tale. It’s candy once a year. And maybe there’s a lesson to be learned from eating too much candy don’tcha think? I think parents don’t realise that the truth isn’t told, it’s discovered, and that goes for any age. :smiley: I never learned by having my parents TELL me what to do, I always learned from making my mistakes myself. And I’m still like that.

Personally, I give out one tooth brush and an apple.  :smile:

I feel better about that.

I know most parents throw out apples they go through their kids loot; I remember a few years back when a bunch of apples had razor blades in them… :cry:

stick with the tooth brush… :smiley: