For Hitest

I have noticed you also like science/physics thought you might like this…

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I Like Dr Michio Kaku thanks for sharing  ChrisJ  :smiley:

Awesome:-)  Thanks, ChrisJ.  Dr. Kaku is amazing. :sunglasses:

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you have too see this Hitest ChrisJ if you have any more info on it Please post

A very intriguing video clip, astro. :sunglasses:  However, there is no empirical proof that the man met his future self.  The video is a fake.

Ya I did a search on hakan nordkvist he had a website that’s not up.
I also went to
I think its fake too but it sure is good…

Agreed.  It is an excellent fake.  I thoroughly enjoy stories like this. :smile:

Bork bork bork!