Food. Then and now

Everyone has a childhood food/ meal that struck a chord with themselves. Step up and let’s hear it.

Fishcakes made with salt cod, onion and potatoes.Fried in a cast iron pan.
Still in my top 5.

Caldo Verde… it’s one of those “taste memories” for me.

Fishcakes… yeah that struck a chord all right. Like fingernails on a blackboard. Mom couldn’t make those either. She did, and you ate them under threat of the wooden spoon though.
Grammy’s spaghetti. And her veal parmagiana with canned peas baked on top.

Mom tried her best. I’d tell you more, but you wouldn’t believe me.

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Nothing says summer like a brisket. Low and slow with smoke, trifectad ( new word?) with fresh buns and slaw.

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