Food association

Post your unusual food associations. 

I sometimes like to eat carrots with potato chips.  BBQ is the best!

Don’t ask how I came to this, I don’t know myself.

Hot lemonade and beer nuts. But only when I’m curling.


Breakfast’s egg yolks tucked in a toast & jam sandwich.

Really stinky soft cheeses on graham wafers.
And the odd blob of peanut butter on a cheese Ritz cracker with an anchovy filet on top… :smiley:

I like to mix my mashed potatoes with my corn and my gravy…

I got told that was gross once… That’s all I can think of for now. OH BBQ sauce on my KD.

peanut butter and potato chip sandwich

OMG ! There are so many but since I am on my annual post New Years Eve " diet"  :wink: I would have to say ceddar cheese rice cakes spread with just a little low fat cream cheese !  And when I am not on THAT diet, tuna salad sandwiches with lots of plain ripple chips on top. :smiley:  OH, and huge Greek olives dipped in blue cheese dressing but that is once in awhile only  :unamused:

Your all very strange or at least have strange tastes…YUKKKKKKKKK

Crackers, liver pate, with a nice cold beer:)

  peanut butter and sweet pickle sandwich  :smiley:

French fries with spagetti sauce on top. ( La Gondola special )
Also pickled salmon with nacho chips.

• Peanut butter and bacon sandwich.

• Peanut butter, lettuce and mayo sandwich.

Toasted peanut butter and cheese whiz sandwich.  :stuck_out_tongue:

I can confirm this,  the girls of my house eat pickles and peanutbutter.

We used to stick a blob of peanut butter on our thumb, and press it on the roof of our dog’s mouth. Fun watching him twist and lick and try to turn inside out.
Then she’s come back for more. She was a shepherd and could clean every half eaten sandwich off the coffee table soon as your head was turned.

  LMAO…you reminded of when we did the same thing with our dog as kids, thanks for digging up that old memory…too funny…

  I used to do that also with my big newfie !  Had me in tears laughing  :smiley:

Cheeze pleazers, but not while theyre fresh out of the bag, I enjoy them more a few days old…

Cheese Paws ! I think they may just be an Ontario treat but they are extreme cheese and like Bubbasteves’ Pleazers, they taste best a little on the stale side but bring lots of paper towels for the orange fingers  :smiley:  On a healthy note, still have leftover cranberry sauce ? Taste great on vanilla yogourt  :smiley:

Apples and peanut butter have always been a hit for me.

As for teasing animals with food, I was in Okinawa a few weeks ago, and we went to this park that had goats you could feed.  I bought a few carrot sticks and held one in front of the goat’s mouth.  Very quickly I realized that it was harnessed, and when I held the carrot stick at just the right distance from its mouth, it would start trying to grab at the carrot with its tongue, but could never quite grab it.  The poor goat would do this for a good 10-15 seconds before I finally gave in and let it eat.

Also, my cousin once dabbed a blob of whipped cream on his cat’s nose just high enough so that he couldn’t quite lick it off, but he kept trying anyway for about five minutes.  Makes me laugh to think about it even now.

Cheese whiz and raspberry jam sammiches!!