When I moved to this area of Atlantic Canada, one thing I checked is that the house I bought wasn’t in the flood plain.  In light of recent events, I am quite happy to have thought about that.  Check out the flood pics from a few miles from my house:

I’m glad your house is safe, my friend! :smiley:
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Compare the last pic with this non flood photo second one down):


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New Orleans is sinkin’, man.

And I don’t wanna swim.

What’s the situation like today, Bigthumb?  Anything happening in your town?

Our town was mostly spared because it is higher than the surrounding areas.  A few houses not far from ours were in a flooded area, part of the city works compound was flooded and so was the little park by the river.  Across the Saint John river in Maugerville, that was another story. 
In Fredericton, the flood level came within 30 cm of the historic level of 1973. Flood stage in Fredericton is 6.5 m and the river rose to about 8.35 m Thursday an Friday.  From my own observation, the Oromocto river, near the junction with the Saint John, was about 8-10 feet higher than regular summer level.
The level is going down now but the water is rising downstream towards the mouth of the river in Saint John.  The problem is you know what is there:  the Bay of Fundy tides!  So they expect some flooding in the areas north of Saint John (Quispamsis and Rothesay).
It’s quite a disaster for a lot of people.  I drove by some streets today where there were many houses with hoses pumping water out of their basement.  It seems that once the water is gone, you have about three days to clean up otherwise, mold sets in. 
Up the river in Northwestern NB, some cottages were seen floating away.  Major problems there too.

You can see lots of pics on Facebook. Search for the groups called Fredericton Flood of 2008
and Maugerville’s 2008 Flood