Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band

Tracy Masson who used to live in Rupert plays Stevie Nicks.

They will be at the Lester Centre on June 12.


LOL good luck getting people to go to that when the beergardens is open… That’s seafest weekend.

The intent was to get a show for Seafest.  The show starts at 7:30.  People can be at the beer garden by 10 or so.

I suppose.

Sounds good to me!  It’s as close to Fleetwood as I am ever going to be!  Love their music, love Stevie!  People can get a beer anytime, anywhere!  Priorities people, priorities  :unamused:

Why not spend your money on a Fleetwood Mac CD and get the real thing?.

I already have a few of them but it is always nice to see the “real” thing  :smiley:  . Plus, it is something to do and you have to admit, not a great deal of that happening in town as of late  :cry:

Because live is a whole different experience. 

One musician in town told me after seeing the Rolling Stones tribute band that you can’t go wrong attending these kinds of concerts.  They are either very good so you think you are seeing the real thing or they are so bad that you can’t stop laughing.

I am guessing that this band will be very good.

A classical music aficionado mocked me when I told him I had seen a Beatles tribute band in Vancouver.  For a while I had mixed thoughts about it.  If this band was so good then what was so special about the Beatles in the first place.  I felt that way after seeing the ABBA band. 

After seeing a different Beatles band in Rupert, I have come to realize that it is the music that is special.  As long as it is well played it doesn’t matter who is doing it.  I felt the same way after seeing The Wall here.

Now I tell my classical friend that every symphony orchestra in the world playing Bach Beethoven Wagner etc etc. are just tribute bands.

If you like Fleetwood Mac, you will likely enjoy the show.     

beer gardens blows anyways,  big line ups and  drunken degenerates !

I guess it’s no difference really than going to see Triple Bypass put on their Metal Shop show, and let’s not forget how awesome and well-attended that was!!

Live music is the bomb heart and soul i tell ya

Very well said DWhite !  It is all about the music!  It doesn’t matter who is performing their songs, as long as they resemble the sound of the originals, then what does it matter.  Just close your eyes and drift away  :smiley: