I’m looking for a nice size flash drive…any ideas of kind to get.  Do they come over 100 gb’s yet?

seen a 64 gb for under $100 a while back on bestbuy i think

hmmmmmmmmm that’s not bad…



futureshop.ca/catalog/prodde … 844&catid=

mighta seen the 64gb on a boxing day sale heres a 32gb for 89

I use my 80gb ipod :smiley:

even though I need to use a usb cord >.<

There’s a 16GB Flash drive in the Source for like $30

Don’t give that place your money. Go see Chris at Good Time Games and Electronics. Locally owned and operated and Chris is an excellent computer guy. They’ll treat you right there and I know they stock flash drives.

I usually buy my stuff at Data Boy.  They’ve provided good products, service for me:)

They have a first rate technician there, Justin. Also a great alternative to “The Source”