Flag and or flags needed to borrow

This may seem like an odd question, but then not much is odd on here.

Does anybody have a confederate flag or flags that can be loaned out for a party on April 27th?  the theme is a southern trailor park and it would be wrong not to fly the colours of the south.  If so, colalteral will be left, message me if you have one to lend.  thanks y’all

A small question or two.  Do you own a pick-up truck with a rifle rack?  Do you like the Gerry Springer Show?  Do you think plaid should be worn for formal occasions?  Do you have all of your teeth? :smiley:

Come on hitest, you can do better than that:

Is your mom your sister too?
Is it true that possum and armadillo taste like chicken?
Do you think Deliverance is a great romantic comedy?

Sorry rollins, can’t help you with the flag.  Sounds like a good theme for a party.

LMAO, you rule! :sunglasses:

being from Alberta usually means I get one at birth, however i lost it at the last hoedown in Medicine Hat, and if i ask my fellow countrymen for one, they will shoot me. 

ya the party is going to rock, but dang i could use a flag or two