Fixing a wii?

wondering if anyone on here has fixed a wii or taken one apart. if you have do u have the special y wing screwdriver you need to do it?

not sure but i think my daughter put something in it . everything works with it going online playing downloaded games etc except playing discs .sounds like something may be in there or laser is bad . be nice to save the money and nt buy another one . have too many games etc invested in it . or if any of you guys work at databoy or the place by overwaitea (not sure of name) or any of the other places in town can fix it cheap let me know.

message me or reply here please

I sure hope you find a way to fix it!  I bet if you figure out how to open it, you could fix it yourself.  Good luck!  (Sorry, I’m no help)

ive looked online on how to do it but you need a special y-wing screwdriver to do it. just bought like 5 or 6 games at xmas too cant even play them lol

You can bring them over here!  We just got a wii!

lol already had a few of those offers should rent them out and make the money to buy a new one . rent my wii fit make lots off that lol

No doubt!  We’ve been looking all over the place for a fit!!!  We’re borrowing one right now, but will eventually have to give it back. :cry:

Could just be a misaligned disk player – have you contacted Nintendo? … ii_proper/

Watching this movie on dismantling a wii showed no use of a special screw driver. Maybe the newer models require that particular driver.

Yeah, it shows a special driver.  They call it a “tri-wing” as opposed to a “y-wing”.  I’m guessing they’re the same thing though.

well its past the warranty i thought if i can get the screwdriver ive seen it online for $5 i can try i am mechanically litterate lol i guess . but thought id check around and see if anyones taking one apart seen lots of tutorials and videos to do it but that screwdriver seems key. and it does seem like its the laser out of line or something in it seen a laser for a wii for 30$ if thats the right part

Try youtube,  I found a great video on fixing the xbox360 ring of death.  With limited know how myself, I fixed ours.  I am sure there would be something on the Wii.