Fishing the Skeena

Taking up fishing this year,  Would like to ask for some tips,  Good locations on the skeena,  gps from google earth would help barring any landmarks.

Lures you know work for what times etc…

Thanks in advance…

Are you the type of person who actually likes to cast your lure consecutively for the duration of the day? Or, would you rather cast your line, set your rod in a holder, and ,perhaps, enjoy a tinny :smile:

Both will yield good results, just at different times of the year.

If you’re looking to haul in a big ’ lunker’,  I would say that the latter type of person mentioned would be your best choice!

This is a good topic. I’ve been wondering where would be a good place to take an 8 year old fishing. Some place where we could stand a decent chance of pulling a few keepers out of the water. Any thoughts?

Polymar is the most popular. It’s kid friendly. Some will drive right out on the bar (Polymar).

Type in “polymar skeena” on google map.

In another few weeks the “Kalum run” will be getting ready at the mouth of the skeena. These are,traditionally, a run of spring salmon in which the ‘piece size’ or fish are particularly large.

The Kalum run Ususally kick starts the spring salmon fishing on the river. Towards the end of the summer. The Coho run ensures a fruitful finish. To paraphrase, If you fish two or three days in a row, you should have enough salmon in your freezer for you and your family for a while.

Grab a coffee and go down to either of the two Tackle shops in town. Have a chat.

Any places good for trout? My son’s going to want to reel in a fish and I doubt at 8 he’s going to reel in a salmon.

Dragon Lake, just north of New Aiyansh…small lake filled with trout.  You are better off with a small boat/skiff, although you can catch them from shore/dock.

As for salmon, when the coho and pink are running, an 8 year old can reel one in without any problem!

Great Lake!  It used to get stocked every year ( 25yrs ago)

exact GPS coordinates to the turn.
GPS Latitude: 54 deg 15’ 6.49" N
GPS Longitude: 129 deg 26’ 37.21" W

and in 10 minutes HTMF makes up 6% of my views for the day.

is this china beach middle of terrace and rupert

That’s the one.
Plug the co-ordinates into google earth and enjoy the view.
You can also click on map in the last two photos I put up there on web page and it’ll show the location on a map.

easiest place to teach a kid to fish if you dont mind catching pink salmon is kasiks right under the bridge in the end of the summer ,  all you need is some pink mariboo jigs and theres so many youll get one every cast its a blast for the kids  and the dogs love getting splashed when you pull em in too

kasics river
GPS Latitude: 54 deg 15’ 32.99" N
GPS Longitude: 129 deg 25’ 58.36" W
photos … otostream/

Kasiks late July, August for pink salmon, local tackle shops should have “pink” jig heads. You only need lite tackle 6-8 lbs test and trout rods, lots of fun for the whole family :laughing: