Fish cleaning area for sports fishermen

Over the last few years it has become harder and harder to find a spot to clean my fish. Rushbrook public floats strictly forbids fish cleaning due to a number of reasons. Wampler marine gas station had 6 tables up until a week ago. Those tables have been sold in a going out of business sale. There are two tables at PetroCan but there is no where to park your boat while cleaning your fish. With the new season just around the corner and hundreds of boats on the water every week, does any one out there have any ideas. We need to do something fast to keep Prince Rupert a fabulous place for local and visiting fisherman.

Deep Spring

Clean them on your boat outside the harbour, keep it clean and carcass free !

A cleaning table could go on the outside end of the boat launch float,anyone dressing fish could tie on the inside of the float so as not to tie up space for boats coming and going.Water could be in the form of a hose from the Rushbrooke floats.Petrocan is a pain when idiots take up dock space and won’t move when someone is trying to get fuel.Lots of the charter boats DON’T allow cleaning on board!

I agree 100%.
Prince Rupert does not do enough to push the Salmon fishing.
Here we are in one of the prime locations in all of North America. Where are the cleaning tables? Where is the Weigh scale with a big Prince Rupert sign in the back ground?
Why are we not pushing for more recreational fisherman? Where is a internationally renowned derby?

By catering to the recreational sport fisherman, it will increase the traffic and increase the spending in this town. By having more tourists in town it will benefit each and every one of us.

For now we at Great Pacific Salmon Lodge are pushing it as hard as possible and doing what we can to promote the area.

Jamie Hunt
Great Pacific Salmon Lodge

Here is a potential opportunity to win some funding to perhaps have some fish cleaning tables installed somewhere, but you have to get out and vote. We aren’t dont so well so far.

Yes, we all have to vote for The Ultimate Fishing Town. Terrace is even ahead of us:( Tell all of your friends and family about the contest, it’s easy to vote and will go a long way towards helping Prince Rupert.
Sport fishermen spend a lot of money in this town. Most of the out of town fishermen spend money on hotels, restaurants and other retail outlets. The city should be doing more to promote this great natural resource instead of taking away cleaning tables and making it nearly impossible for Charter fishermen to have a place to pick up and drop off their guests.

We used to go to Blaine Washington quite a bit, they had a public pier and on any given weekend 100-150 would be fishing off the dock, lots with crab pots. No license needed there, but all the local restaurants and stores benefited. As did the coffers from all the $100 fines for undersized crab.
It was a cheap way to spend a Sunday, grabbed munchies and scrap meat at the store, go for dinner, fill up with cheap gas. I know Rupert can’t do the cheap gas, but…

Hah, I go in the Overpricey and see these chicken necks and pork ‘button bones’ and think crab bait, there’s no crabs here! Do people actually eat those ?