First driving lesson next week!

I have my first driving lesson next Tuesday.

I’m really happy, but at the same time i’m really nervous, a few of my mates said it’s no biggie and you get into it really quickly.

Another reason i’m really looking forward to this is because i get to learn in a mini.

Does anyone have any advice?


A mini? Advice: don’t drive into my truck. 

a mini? Don’t drive UNDER my truck. lol

I’d be more worried about the test after the lessons than the lessons themselves.

You’ll do fine, driving is easy and if it’s a professional school then the teacher should be patient with you and not freak you out.

I did all my pre-licence driving with lessons.  Talk about expensive!  No one would let me drive their vehicle and teach me anything, so I paid $100 for every hour of driving experience! 

But that’s neither here nor there!  Enjoy yourself and good luck!

Is it 100$ an hour for driving?
I might cancel my lesson now.

It was when I took my lessons 9 years ago!  It’s probably more now!!!

This is TR’s truck:

I’ve recently added spinners to the wheels and fuzzy dice on the mirror. 

I took one last week, in Rupert, and it was $30/h.

That’s not bad at all!

Yeah, great price! But some trucker from Alabama teaching you how to powershift his ‘big rig’ doesn’t really count as driving lessons. 

Its pronounced: 'Bama

How much is Rainbow Driving school per hour?

Yeah, that magnetic “Driving School” sign has more than paid itself off!

Americans get Driver’s Ed in high school.  I feel sorry for anyone that has to pay to learn how to drive.

I feel sorry for anyone who has to pay for medical care.


They get Drivers Ed in Manitoba!  :neutral_face:

Same.  My mother can’t even afford her arthritis medication anymore because they insurance she does have keeps driving up the deductable and dropping coverage from her plan.  I guess that’s the thanks you get for dedicating 30 years of your life to work for one company.