Hello all!!!

Just wanting you guys to know there is a fireworks store here right now in Terrace at the old Video Stop location…not sure of the exact address, I guess most would understand, across from Hanky’s…

I told a few people once I found one here I would let you all know.

They are only here until they sell out!!!  Been here for acouple days already…Drive Carefully.

Gee Mr. Science, what can we learn today?

Well today we’re going to learn about Halloween workarounds.


Yeah, kids. Seeing as how the Safety Nazis have banned firecrackers and even asking the pharmacist for a can of suphur or saltpeter would get you tasered into a quivering blob these days, Mr. Science is going to help you retain your Constitutional right to blow something up on Halloween night!

Yay! How are we going to do that Mr. Science???

With GUNCOTTON kids. Now normally guncotton is made starting with a 50-50 mix of hydrochloric and sulphuric acid, of which possession of either would land you in an ice-bath in Gitmo with a hood on your head and a cattle prod up your ass. But here’s the work-around…

What, Mr. Science? What?

Okay neither Donald Eichmann Rumsfeld or the Homeland Gestapo can jail you from playing with your own stomach contents, can they? That’s right children! Your stomach contains both hydrochloric and sulphuric acid in a diluted form. So gather around this heap of cheesecloth and stick your fingers WAY DOWN your throats kids!

Huagghh! HHhwallpfff!

That’s perfect kids, by Halloween night when this stuff is dry, Billy here is gonna wind around Principal Skinheads bathroom door. When he goes for a quiet dump and shuts the door KABLAMMM it’s gonna blow right off it hinges!

Mr. Science, you’re wonderful

Oh man…that was funny herbie! :sunglasses:  You have missed your calling fixing fubared mail servers…you should be writing stand-up material.
Good one, man. :smile:

I’ve thought about it but I’ve been told (in a singsong voice)

[quote]everything you say is
so political
so political…

And I’m not lying. I just don’t lie. Even growing up in the 60s, I stupidly didn’t lie. I could be the star lineback in the big game, in a room full of flowered paisley’d hippie gals stoned outa their nuts.
The minute one asked what my sign was, I’d stupidly answer: Virgo

AARRRGGHHHHH!!!  EEEWWWWW!!! (sound of bare feet running)
A man my size was doomed to playing Santa. Sure plenty of girls would sit on your knee, but Santa only comes once a year, and then he goes off up the chimney.

I was a virgin until disco came around. Then if you didn’t hit on a gal within 15 seconds of meeting her, you were assumed to be a flamer. Or if she had two drinks she’d hit on you in under a minute…
a the good old days. When penicillin cured everything

Then I went and got married. Like in the early 80s when women lost their sense of humour. Hell the wife would come home from the dentist and say “Look honey, I got my teeth polished. What do you think?”, and I’d mumble, “Yeah honey… nicest teeth I’ve come across”, and she’d HIT me!!!

Funny world. We go kick the shit out of Columbia for growing cocaine and then drink 12 cups of Maxwell House for the same effect. Hell if it was Starbucks a coke habit would be cheaper!
I just can’t shut up, can I? Well then I better be off to check myself in to Onanonanon…

speaking of firecrackers… if anyone is going to terrace and coming back or if someones coming here from terrace can someone stop to where there selling them and ill pay the same price for em when u get here,Unless i figure a way to get to terrace that is.

anyone heading to terrace today or tommorow? ? i need someone to pick me up some of these firecrackers :smile:and ill pay em for it.