I’m thinking about installing a couple of wood burning stoves
but can’t seem to find a wood supplier.
Is there a supplier in PR…someone who can actually plonk it in
my yard?
Please don’t suggest I chop it myself as I don’t do anything that
induces perspiration.  :smile:

I suggest you install a pellet stove instead.  Cleaner, more efficient, safer, and you don’t need to do as much work to your house to install them.  Also, they don’t have to be certified when they’re installed.  And the pellets can be bought at Rona and Phillpott. (cheaper at Phillpot)

Im pretty sure you only need one.  The house I just bought has one, I haven’t tested it out yet.

They are pricing to install

I bought a new certified clean burning wood stove. The pacific energy summit,  bought it two years ago and new stainless chimeny.

My stove pumps out 97000 btu hour way more than any pellet stove on the market today. Pellets stoves cost more than most wood stoves and it would cost me over $1200 in pallets to heat my house as  my neighbour dose, conpared to wood about $100 for truck gas chain saw chains ect.

I heat my whole house which is 2400 square feet with the stove providing 99% of the heat and burn about 5 cords of wood around 3000 splits.

My gas bill from may 2007 to may 2008 was $142 and most of that was the basic for the basic connection fee.

Try the old kaien fibre log sort  some else runs the log sort there now, any ways there is three piles of log butt ends  easily over 200 truck loads.

Also there was a guy selling wood there  last year for 135 cord.

Are you still looking for wood, there is a guy in terrace selling the best wood around birch $285  for just over a cord thats an 8 foot box with sides  to the top of the cab.

I just bought one he has 4 people ahead of me so better book now!

Did you get your stove at Rona?

Yes i got it at rona in i bought the summit in 2007, it  replaces the pe super 27 i bought in 2005 it has the smaller firebox 2.1 vs 3.0 cubic feet for the summit and takes logs 20" deep and wide pumps out 97000 btu hr.

The pe stove also have lifetime warranty and are made of heavy  thick 5/16 steel.
Plus the burn baffle system is all stainless steel, the cheaper stoves use 3 or 4 burn tubes with a white ceramic cover  on top of the tubes,  my neighbour stoves has this and the secondary burn is not as good as the solid stainless steel baffle the pe stoves have.

We burn about 5 cords of wood  per year, thats over 1200 splits from september to may.

If you burn dry wood the new stove secondary burn  baffle will burn  100 percent of the smoke after its been on 10 to 15 minutes.

My neighbor keeps part of there wood in the driveway which gets drenched in the rain then they store it under the deck for a few weeks before burning, and there stove smokes 90 percent of the time i hate smelling the smoke when you are out side makes my nose drip!

If you need any more info let me know!

Thanks for the info…