Firewall Management software

I posted this a while ago, howeverI have made some progress since then.

login/password are admin

Any suggestions of features? bug reports? Everything you see there is functional but some things have been disabled. The plan is to have a single web interface to setup multiple firewalls from a single location. Some code isnt done yet like the sftp code etc. Modules for different servers like squid/bind will be written later once the core is done.

The request a feature/bug report feature is down right now. In the distribution version the add and remove user feature is enabled. The demo also only prints out the firewall rules rather than uploading them or saving them locally to a configuration file.

Other than that the demo should work great any suggestions or bug reports would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve already got a few wheels laying around me. One says DLink, the other says Dell, but it’s Broadcom on the inside I think. I think Cisco makes the best wheels, but they’re a bit over priced. 3Com’s new line of wheels are supposed to be Cisco class at 3Com prices.

Linksys is now Cisco. Ive played around with some of the Linksys stuff and quite like it. Ive not used the lastest Dlink gear so cant comment on that.

wheels eh?

i stil use mandrake for my firewall mnf : O)