Firefox issues

Well, firefox did an update last night, and now won’t start. It just crashes.

IE is EXTREMELY slow. it’s almost like dial up. Actually, dial up might be faster.

I don’t know what to do or how to fix it, I’ve un installed and re installed firefox completely, including deleting the mozilla folder in program files. and still, nothing.

Any suggestions? Should I try and find a new browser?


I got the update which also prompted me to update my flash player.  After selecting the appropriate flash player I wanted, it loaded normally.  When I say “normally”, I’m referring to any other time I’ve updated Firefox.

IE or Internet Explorer are no longer used in my vocabulary.  If, on the rare chance, I do reference either of them, my vocabulary becomes somewhat limited!

Well, if firefox isn’t working, how am I supposed to access the internet without IE? It has to be in my vocab.  :unamused:

FF on here just crashed too, I’m on my dad’s computer, ugh, it must be my addons, but how am I supposed to fix the problem if firefox won’t open?

I use chrome and love it. It’s stable.

It’s kind of frustrating, even google is not yeilding any answers for me as to why this is happening.

I know alot of people had troubles when firefox updated to version three, but this was just a minor update, it can’t have changed THAT much.


Chrome or Opera, what one should I choose?


No answers on Google means nobody else is having a problem. Disable any add-ons and try again. If you still have problems, something else is fucked.

Fixed it. there’s an option to delete everything on firefox, bookmarks, everything. So I did that and it’s fine.

I don’t know what add on was doing it though, so I don’t know what I can add back onto here now…

Fire Fox 3.6.6 released today.

Fire Fox 3.6.6

Google Chrome is the one I use and have had no problems whatsoever with it. Firefox would always crash for me and Internet Explorer would be frozen constantly.

Then you should fix your computer. It’s broken.