Firefox 3.0.10 Released

Firefox 3.0.10 Has just been released! It’s fixed quite a few issues & compatibility problems apparently :wink:

Direct Download - … lang=en-US

What’s New Page - … easenotes/

I think people get the idea when it automatically updates for you

Not all OSs update FF automatically, billy. :stuck_out_tongue: 
just finished downloading, installing 3.0.10 on my Slackware boxes.

There are also people that need that general Push in the right direction, sometimes Firefox doesn’t update automatically for me, and if it does I’m too lazy to install it.

I’m just being that guy to give you people that push!

Firefox Beta v3.5.10 Is Available To Test - … lang=en-US

Changes Include -

  • Faster Usability
  • Improvements to Stability & Performance for the Tracemonkey Javascript engine.
  • Improved Private Browsing Mode
  • Improvements to Layout Engine