A number of people have been hearing that Prince Rupert had a big fire last night. Can anyone confirm?

I didn’t hear nor see anything.

As I thought. It was probably a transposition in the rumour mill, with Terrace or Prince George being the actual place

Nothing happened or the Daily Snooze would have had a story riddled with typos on the front page.

Hey, don’t knock The Daily News front page – they put my photo on there yesterday, and even spelled my name right.

Local Snooze. Our whole town calls the the Caledonia Courier “the local rag”. Even the reporters end up calling it that by the time they rotate out…

it was on the news, it went like this
Big fire in Prince Rupert more to come on the 11 PM news hour, and of course i stayed tuned untill 11 Pm and there was nothing new. there was a mistake on the town I guess. And when I was at the daily news yesterday i\one of the ladies listen to the same program and ask the reporters they were like ohh ya there was no fire…lol…

classic rupert.

This town need a F’N Super Hero!!! :unamused:

Yeah, like the Tick. He’d be a good super hero.

Or an enema! :laughing:

The only hero we need here is…(drum roll)

Run away from dangerman!!!

Dun dun daaa dun dun dun daaa

So I’m in the bathroom at Solly’s, and as I go to wash my hands, this guy says to me:

Guy: Hey, why do women fake orgasms?

Me: I dunno, you tell me.

Guy: Because they think we care!

So the dude just walked up to you outta no where,and asked you this joke?

You don’t ask a joke, you tell it.

yeah, but the first line of the joke is a question, so he did ask it

Then it’s not a joke but a funny riddle.

Well the only news I have is some idiotic vandelizers up on 9th east… stupid fucks.