Fire wood

I’m looking for firewood. Does anyone know anyone who sells it these days? Specifically, I am looking for alder. It burns hot, wet or cold, and splits easy. I’ve got a jimmy and haul it if necessary.

Meant to say it burns wet or dry, not wet or cold. It burns hot whether it’s wet or dry and is a beautiful, clean wood.

thats all i get is alder some people are fussy when its fresh lol

Where do you get it, Sean?

I don’t know if they still do but hydro tends to fall a lot of alder below /near the power lines out on the highway. If you have a chainsaw (or a bow saw and a lot of ambition I guess) you can go load yourself up pretty quick. It won’t be “seasoned” though so you might be better off looking for someone who has a large stash to sell you.

Thanks, Jesus. I drove around but didn’t go far enough likely. Maybe a run to Terrace would be the thing.

I find that alder is ok without being seasoned. Or maybe I just don’t know how to season it. If I leave it stacked for a year, it just turns punky and mouldy. On the other hand, even fresh fallen alder splits like a hot damn and and I get a good, hot burn.
Thanks for the suggestion, though. I’ll take another drive.

Split & stack it, shelter it from the rain, don’t let it sit on wet ground and let the air breathe through it.
In a year its good to go.
If you have deep pockets 4 seasons sells it (so I’m told).

Are you willing to cut it up yourself?I have lots standing

sent you a pm sandy05

Text or call 250-624-1346

Just texted you. Have you got alder?