Fire miller bay

I was told that the house with that old guy that lives in it buy miller bay caught fire and there was diesel fuel that  went up quite bad and the  hydro line went crashed down.

They think the old guy there died and some how the place caught fire.

Where’s Miller Bay?  Out on the highway before you hit the bridge?  On the left?

When did this happen?

Around 6pm tonight,  it is next to were basso wanted to make that rv park on the right.

Pictures from the scene. Will have more details at and on that section of the site tomorrow after speaking with fire personnel.

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Poor Louie if he did pass away. He was always a friendly fellow, eccentric, but friendly.

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Louis was quite the character, used to work at the mill driving the yard pickup truck.  Always very polite, sad to hear if he did pass away.

As mentioned last night:

Emergency personnel responded to a massive fire that destroyed two structures out at Miller Bay, just past the Ridley Island turn-off heading towards Port Edward, but fortunately nobody was injured in the blaze.

The fire department received the call at 5:43 p.m. and arrived to see flames rising high into the air, and crews remained on site until 12:52 a.m. fighting and controlling the fire. According to Fire Chief Ron Miller, part of the problem in fighting the fire was not only the strong winds but also the location. … 31784.html

Good to hear he’s all right.
I know last year he was having problems with a couple break ins and someone stole some weapons from his premises hopefully it wasn’t arson.
Makes you wonder were he’ll live now?
NIMBY hopefully.

I was driving back into town, you could see the red haze in the sky on the straight stretch before you hit the port ed bridge.

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has anyone confirmed seeing him after the fire?

The Old man is fine he is in the Chec Republic visiting family.