Finders keepers or

okay i have asked people if they know anything on vehiclees that people don’t wat anymore
a person said that he knows his father left an abandoned car here and asked me if there was a finders keepers rule because i kow for a fact it has to be siged off. the owner moved elsewhere so now this car is sitting there in an alley (not sure if it still is or not) but the question is: What would the rule be for an abandoned car that the owners son is “giving permission to take” when the owner isnt here anymore.

Sounds like you already know the answer. You already know that the son isn’t the owner. Unless you actually talk to the owner you had better not take it.

The easiest way is to track down the former owner and sign the title over.  It is still possible to get the title though in those types of situations.  Hazy on the details but the insurance brokers will probably have the information you need.  The thing is if it’s been uninsured for over 3 years you’ll have to get it inspected to insure it.  Depending on the shape of the car it might not even be worth it. 

My understanding is that if a car is abandoned and the registered owner can’t be found then it is possible to take ownership of it.  I think that this is the way that many old antique cars are re-registered by new owners.  It might be harder for something newer or if the owner can be found.  Might be something to look into.

read my post on the chat forum on “i need an extremely cheap car” it will give you the information that i have.

Yeah I saw that.  I know orangetang.  Anyway title is possible if the vehicle is in fact still there.

do you have anything to back that up? just i dont know getting it inspected is 150$'s then it sounds like it has been beaten by weather it is a 240Z which is an amazing car. i just need some owner ship information for insurance and im a bit busy right now to search for that and without proper entitle ship it would just be theft. Thats not very good.  :astonished:

Well would i have to get it inspected before it being entitled because im planning on working on it (getting it towed to my house/school) and i dont know if it would need to be inspected before i drive it im 15. i still have a long time to go before i insure it.
so is there anyway to get entitlement without it getting inspected (kind of sounds like im trying to steal it :stuck_out_tongue:) but yeah i dont know its a confusing situation and if its there i am really interested in this car its a beautiful model.

if you have any sites etc. to back it up or anything please :smile: it will be greatly apprediated 

If you can’t find the information on the site call their toll free number. 

You can own (get the title) without insuring it.

ICBC isnt giving me anything for information on abandoned vehicle entitlement

Phone them during business hours.  Tell them your situation.  I had a friend who went through this process so it is possible but I don’t have the details on hand. 

I think your main concern should be the vehicle itself.  Is it there, is it still worth fixing, etc etc. 

yeah, sounds good do you know where the are is supposably located  (im near lax kxeen elementary) is it far from there?

No idea.

Orangetang posted an address I thought. 

Immanuel and 7th East. i dont know where immanuel is

good choice you know everything :smile: haha

Maybe i can see the car :smiley:

:stuck_out_tongue:  Good luck

nearing the seal cove circle and it was virtually impossible to attempt to spot a white car :stuck_out_tongue: