Finder crashing

the finder on my computer keeps crashing (osx 10.3.5). it’s happened 13 times in the last 3 days. i’ve done all the latest updates, repaired the file permissions, and still nothing seems to work. any suggestions? thanks.

Buy a PC with Windows XP, then it will probably only crash 11 or 12 times in three days.

what are you doing when it crashes? did you install any weird programs lately? Anything that asked for the administrator password?

probably opened a bad email.

this is a mac. one of many things you know nothing about.

there aren’t a lot of viruses for macs.

Hah, screw up your computer by opening an e-mail?

What has this world come to?

Holy shit, no, it’s a Mac. None of that nonsense.

The only way to really screw up the finder is to install something that screws it up – you’ll know if you’re about to change a system file, as Mac OS X will as you for the admin password.

no new software lately; i have started using a few new programs, but the only thing that’s asked for the password was the system updates.

more specifically what happens is the expose stops working (I have it set to the corners) and the dock hangs when I try to access it. and, the desktop images (which are constantly rotating) stop rotating with chunks missing from them.

Check ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter

There will be a log in there that will tell you exactly why it’s crashing…

Bring it to Futureshop!

:laughing: future shop. I applied for a job there when i got out of highschool… the head of “IT” got a dumbfounded look on his face when I told him I prefered using linux to windows and asked what linux was :unamused:

Mind you I am waiting for another of their $50 Western digital 120gb hard drive sales.

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