Finally the truth about islam

this is so rad

now start hating on me

Harsh words but brilliant speech!


haha…you of all should get a kick out of that

my thoughts on this are that if somebody is going to present an arguement about something, they had better use facts and logic…this guy did exactly that, he made nothing up, and he based his arguement on facts…too bad he proably got his ass shot off for it by Jesus

Hi analysis is interesting, but, his comments are not an accurate portrayal of most people who study Islam.  That is, most Muslim people are not fundamentalist extremists who want to blow themselves up with a truck bomb or murder and harass women.  His speech is carefully crafted and designed to stimulate anger and outrage in the Muslim community.  Hmmmm…interesting.

Fundies of any color suck, other than for their entertainment value.

I am De (secular liberal) Judge.
I care not the color of your skin, nor what load of total BS you hold as Holy.
Or which day you worship.
Nor which orifice you lust for.

Heah come De Judge.
Stand before me and be judged.

You worthless neo-con shitheaps.

After some time, I began to feel like this was a Bush speech…plenty of fear mongering peppered with a dash of xenophobia. 

Militant Islam in Europe has seen a rise in Europe probably because of the discontent among young Muslims in many countries post 9/11.  Unemployment is high among those with non-European names, ethnocentricity is rampant…Everyone knows oppression and poverty are good breeding grounds for radicals. 

In Europe, the countries there struggle with modernization and what it is to be French, English, etc. trying to cope with the changing faces of the population - Immigrants and Refugees in Europe are not as welcomed as they are here in Canada.

The truth about Islam is that it is a peace loving religion and that most Muslims are hard working, upstanding citizens of society…but then most educated people know that.  :frowning:

This man is on the level.  He is ten kinds of awesome.

Pat Condel says quite a piece on a few different things from religion, to Catholics, to America (  :unamused: ) to evolution, and he’s quite intelligent in my opinion. The thing about Islam is a little mis-researched from my understanding; nevertheless he’s spot on when pointing out that people of Islamic  faith in Britain at least, are trying to make the country into the God forsaken hell-hole they fled from.

People may not like what he says, but %99 of his analogies, are practically genius. I particular like his words on America. lmao. Especially Jesus being elected in the US (as the American people clearly prefer a religous leader) and that if Jesus were to run for office, he’d never get in because he’s a Jew that looks like a damn hippy!

I think religion is the downfall of the world. It’s not wrong to believe in a “God” per se, but institutions that require your behaviour to conform to scripture (often corrupted by the minds and hands of men) is evil. Hence, imho, religion is evil.

So a question: If Islam is a peaceful religion and most are not Islamic Fundamentalists (implied) and if Islamic Fundamentalism is responsible for teachings that provoke violence and intolerance to many (among those women) then Islam would support the forceful removal of the Islamic Fundamentalism that so rightly corrupts it’s people?

Did you know two women have been “stoned to death” since the removal of the Taliban in Afghanistan? Hmm, I wonder which faith they’re following there. Fundamentalist, or other Islamic faith? The whole thing sounds wrong to me (not implying other religions are not equally as bad). For what you ask? Adultery. In Saudi Arabia 15 school girls died because the “religous police” forcefully contained them in a burning school because they were not “wearing the proper Islamic headdress.”

Pretty bad.

you know what, fuck it. islam is a fuckin joke i agree, but all religions are.  we seriously have to weigh the options here - there is a widespread movement against islamism of all colors (fundamentalist and mellow) in western media, and this is letting the assholes in power go on all sorts of insane fundamentalist milkruns for our side (iraq anyone?).

man we can piss and moan about islamic people’s scenario but when it comes right down to it we are just giving ammunition for the joe liebermans of the world advocating nuking iran.  that is some serious shit right there, we are going to use our superior secular western democratic governments to make things right inside our own countries with regards to personal freedom to (or from) religious rights and practices… but try to imagine the backlash if the western world drops NUCLEAR WEAPONS on a islamic country. 

we gotta solve this with politics, not pokey sticks.

This is true.

Agreed.  Unfortunately the Neanderthal Texan in Washington isn’t a rocket scientist, that is, diplomacy is something that is a little out of his skill set.  Hopefully, he won’t blow something up in the next 18 months.

we as people need to be able to form nuanced opinions that take into account many facets of an argument and can come to compromised decisions that benefit all of humankind, rationally.

everyone (myself included) talks about how dumb everyone else seems to be but we are all capable of growth and development if put in the right environment, and exposed to the right ideas…we gotta stop polarizing everything with false dichotomy “well we either kill all the islamic people or they take over our country and make our women wear burkas”… fuck that shit.  there is an immense middle ground that isnt represented in our media - and NOT because the middle ground is boring, but because its harder to report on. 

the middle ground is the shit. its even kind of sexy.  dialogue between enemy nations baby…

Anyone ever hear of Cultural Diversity. Too freaking funny how our society aims to judge one another because of the divergent values! Think about how the juggernaut USA (and other counries I might add) have always pegged Islam and other middle east countries as terrorists and so forth! Maybe then you can catch a glimpse of Judgement. We do onto other what we should do onto ourselves!

there is no way he is calling the shots, even idiots call him an idiot. im pretty sure dick and rummy are the really “the man”, and id say mostly dick. a guy named Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote a book called “the grand chessboard” with alot of hardcore recommendations for what america needed to do to ensure they stay top dog in the next fifty years. it looks to me like they are following his advice, now get this. he says whoever grabs the oil in the caspian sea is  gonna rule the earth, and china is alot closer to it. if they want to maintain their dominance with millitary and economy they have to grab it. he also says the american population currently would not support a war for oil, that the nation needed a huge “pearl harbor” style type of event that would solidify them in hatred for the nations that must be muscled into giving it to them. that was said before 911. he was also one of G.B. senior’s top advisers, to have him say that really means something. wiki Zbigniew and look at his credentials, holy ****!. you wanna know what the future is going to look like from a geopolitical perspective, give the grand chessboard a read. it seems to me dick is using it as  “to do” list.

Zbigniew’s got another new one out called, “Second Chance: Three Presidents And The Crisis Of American Superpower” … I suspect it will be an excellent read.