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I just pict up this game for Seven nights from Blockbuster. For Free! X-D

I been playin’ it… and I just came out of that Temple and back down into the Jungle, on that island… Mirika or sompin’?

I been buffin’ up my Chars, but I can’t get past the fuckin’ Level Locks… WILL! How do I get past the Level Locks? Like… Level 1 Lock? WTF?

And playin’ this game, I have to spend more time watchin’ movies than I do gettin’ to play. But I respec that… It’s kinda like Pokemon… you run around in Danger areas and Fights jump out at you! I’ma go run around the Jungle and PL and save and PL and save… I’ma be mad 1337!

I still like the game though… I ain’t know if I buy it though… acause after 7 days I’ll prolly be nearly done it…

Am I almost done it yet? Or do I gotta fix my boat and go out and kick some more Sin ass? The main player hates his dad so much! It’s sweet!!


With your characters, on the skill chart, there are 4 levels of locks, you obtain keys for those locks of characters, or doing events in the main town, where you finally start playing blitzball.

Its a fun game, didn’t take long to finish, except for fighting Overdrive Sin, which took me like 2 weeks, and 140 attempts.

You can usually find a way around some locks, also you can get teleporter items, which send your little colored bubble to another destination that was already chosen by another of your characters… hard to explain.

I’d just say, try and find some hidden, there are a lot of treasure chests and items lying in alleys and whatnot, that are usually Jecht Spheres, or locks for abilities.

Hopefully that helps, if you got any other questions, just shout.


How skilled are your chars?

My chars had full heal, ice 3, fire 3 etc, mass haste, double cast, ultima etc. So, they were quite beefed up.

That, and how many Aeons do you have? If you’ve got all the Aeons, including Magus Sisters, Bahamust, and Aegor or whatever that evil dude Simon summons.
Hmmm, some other turning points of atleast, semi-near end.

Have you made it to Zardinkan, and fought the she-bitch who shapechanges 3 times? Hmm, what else… Have you fought Overdrive Sin, atop the Flying Ship?

Its a long game, had it not been for overdrive sin, I’d be finished in 7 days, but I took too long on him, and flew through the rest of the game.

Magus Sisters = fucking sweet, their far too tough for that game.


I’m only on the part where I have that CAT Guardian, Lulu, Yuna, Me and that Blitzball Hawaian dood…

Daag! Lulu’s boobs are spillin’ over the top of her supports! It’s like they’re completely out and she ain’t got no nipples… :cry:

I’ve got Two Aeons…
I ain’t seen the second yet though… Where he be at? WTF?

I’ve just been goin’ around in circles in my Stats setup… I’m about Three more moves and I’m out with all the chars…

When I leave the Star Tropics, do I get a new crew?

How many times do I change crews before it’s over?

Do I meet those foreign fucks who speak all stupid again? I kinda wanna boink that chick. X-D


Yo… and how’s I stupposed to win at Blitzball?! I was down 2 - 0 after the first, then I did my Sphere kick and still ain’t score… so I shut it off…

Did you win at Blitzball? Loose? What happens either way?


Well, the blitzball that you play as a part of the game, it doesn’t matter win or lose, it’ll still progress with the game…

Your quite far from the end heh, You’ve got to complete all the temples, and get all the aeons, before your even close to being done.

The weird language people, and Riku (the chick your talking about), yeah, you see them again, after that blitzball game if memory serves me right.

Valefor, Anima, Shive, Ifrit, Bahamut, Ixion, Magus Sisters, and Yojimbo (You’ve got to buy Yojimbo, and its quite expensive, 2000000 gold I believe.)

Anyawys, to get Magus Sisters, you need anima, and to get Anima, you need to beat all 8 temples :smile: Hope that helps.

Just keep fighting, eventually you’ll get a lock… Or, you may already have one, have you tried to click on the lock itself, and use item (level 1 lock, if its in your inventory)?? That might be what your not doing?

Anyways, I’m tired, off to play DaoC.


I 0wnz0r at blitzball.


I fell behind on the Final Fanstasys…
last one i finished was 9

whats x-d?


A capital D dumbass.

X-D is a face that is squinting with the dash as his noxe, the D as his face smiling.

Its like the Homer (_8(l) or Kirby <(")> <(’<) <(")> (>’)> <(")>


And yes, Eso is the only reason I got Wakka’s Ancient weapon, which you get after playing about 10 hours of Blitzball, though Eso played a lot more than 10 hours of Blitzball.


Tim is a dumb… and so is everyone who axes what X-D is by saying “whats x-d?”… c’mon now… if you’d capitalize you’d stop yourself before axin’ the stupid question. :unamused:

So’s you get a good weapon if you win the Game?
How much longer do I get to use Wakka and the crew before I loose them?




You Don’t lose them.

Your stuck with Auron, Riku, Lulu, Khariki, Wakka, Your Main Dude, the Summoner, and…thats it.

You can switch them during fights, so they all get used, but thats about it.

Wakka, Auron, Main Character, that was my general list of chars to use during most fights, if one got hurt, bring in Yuna (Summoner chick) and get them healed, and then kick her out. If something needed to be stolen, Take Riku, and steal it, then knock her out.

Though, remember, if each person hits the monster or does one action in the fight, you all get experience, which leads to all getting levels etc.etc.

But yeah, You dont “lose” your party. And I’d suggest leveling that Cat dude Khariki a little atleast, he’s not great, but you’ve got to do a Khariki vs your 2 brothers fight alone, with just Khariki.

note: I dont know KHariki’s real name, so thats his name I give him on this thread, he’s the big cat like bodyguard for Yuna.


Yeah, I noticed sompin’ about Stealin’ when I started… How do I know when I need to steal?

I like usin’ Me, Wakka and Lulu in fights… Wakka gets flyers, I get ground and Lulu fucks up the Magics…