Fight HST supporters win a battle but face a lull in the war

“We will do a recall in November, it’s time to change the government and have a new election,” – “It’s clear the entire system is corrupted, even reaching down into the body that we rely upon for objectivity and impartiality which has now been tainted by the decision — we have to clear out the government and start fresh"-- Chris Delaney lead organizer of the Fight HST campaign outlining his thoughts on the Elections BC ruling of Wednesday.

When we last left Former Premier Bill Vander Zalm he was patiently waiting by his phone for the final deliberations of Elections BC on the status of the Fight HST petitions. When the phone finally rang, Acting Chief Electoral Officer Craig James ruled yesterday that the petition is valid, but that the petition would not be forwarded to a legislative committee until pending court actions set to begin on Monday are resolved…

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So how many Liberals do we think will lose their seats in a recall this fall?


To recall MLAs, 40% of eligible voters must sign the petition. Considering that only 50% voted in the last election, this might be a tough task.

I have lost total faith in the system. This government can no longer be trusted.

Hopefully they dont go for all at once start with a few so as to not spread themselves too thin.